Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How do you achieve your "look"?

Shorts, sandals and swimsuits—and the skin they reveal—are three big reasons why people are more conscious of how they look in the summer. That’s why our July/August issue features stories on summer skin and hair care, as well as a rundown of the hottest beauty superfoods and an interview with the ever-lovely Jaclyn Smith of “Charlie’s Angels” fame.

All these articles got us thinking about the beauty regimens embraced by you, our loyal readers. How do you care for your skin and hair, from both the inside and the outside? What natural products do you use? We really want to know!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weight Loss Success Stories

The runaway excess-weight epidemic is one of this country’s most pressing public health issues, affecting 66% of all Americans. We explored several aspects of this topic in our June 2009 issue, including an article on how obesity affects the body and an interview with actor and bodybuilder Roland Kickinger, who provides whole-body makeovers for a wide range of clients.

Despite the grim statistics, many people have successfully lost weight—and, just as importantly, kept it off. Are you one of those diet success stories and if so, how did you do it? Let us and your fellow ET readers in on your secret!

Service Dogs, June 2009

Dogs that aid people in need, such as those who are blind or in wheelchairs, truly are man’s (and woman’s) best friends. In our Holistic Healing story for June we met a woman whose service dogs have helped her lead a fuller life despite serious seizures.

Do you (or someone you love) use a service dog? How has your companion helped you? Share your experiences here.