Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Win a Set of Reusable Bags!

You can win set of assorted eco-friendly shopping, tote and lunch bags from Bazura Bags ( These colorful, durable bags are crafted from recycled drink containers by a women’s cooperative in the Philippines, letting you help others and go green at the same time. Just comment on one of our blog entries below and you’ll automatically be eligible to win!

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Detoxification Protocols

In October, our chart “Detoxing Naturally” provided a list of herbs and nutrients often used to help clear the body of toxins. Many people use this time-honored natural medicine practice as a way to recharge and revitalize. If you’re someone who believes in doin’ the detox, we’d love to hear about your protocol, including the practices and supplements you use.

Overcoming Eating Disorders

In our October Holistic Healing, people who have dealt with disordered eating explain how mindfulness—the idea that you can observe your emotions about food without getting snarled in them—has helped them get their lives back on track.

Have you had to confront an eating disorder, such as bulimia or binge eating, or a disorder with a strong dietary component, such as diabetes? If so, have you found a mental approach that has allowed you to form a better relationship with food? Share your experiences with your fellow ET readers!