Monday, June 4, 2012

Have you maintained weight loss and if so, how?

In our June story “Keep It Off,” we learned that losing weight is only half the battle; the other is keeping those pounds from coming back through a combination of healthy eating patterns and physical activity. (We met some successful “losers” in “Their Loss Is Their Gain.”)

Now it’s your turn. Have you lost weight and kept it off for any considerable length of time? How did you do it? We want to know!


  1. When I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, a medical doctor put me on Sythryoid. I took it about 6 months; with many side effects, especially weight gain that would not decrease. I went shopping around for a holistic doctor, not knowing if one exited in my area. With this doctor, by reading my blood/urin test and selecting healthy foods and supplements according to the tests, I lost weight and kept if off for 11 years now. I am 5'2" and weigh 110. I also jog and lift weights 3 times per week for about 20 to 30 minutes each.

  2. I gained about twenty pounds earlier this year,going through a lot of stress,and eating lots of macadamia nuts and coconut.I exercised throughout,doing yoga and running two miles every day,and lifting light weights.I'd never had a balanced diet,and my body had a hard time converting the fats in what I was eating.I only have nuts a few times a week now,I was slightly intolerant to them,and am also gluten and dairy intolerant.
    To get the weight off,I simply kept exercising daily and eating a healthy balanced diet of whole grains and beans,vegetables and fruits,with some protein powders.I also started eating organic fish and eggs several times a week to have more lean protein.
    People obsess about weight and diet and looking a certain way.Life's too short for that.Our bodies are miracles,and we need to treat them as such.Avoid processed and fast foods,do exercise YOU ENJOY daily,and yes,give yourself a break once in a while.Sometimes I don't feel like running,like yesterday,so I walked down to the beach and on the beach and back,it was beautiful and about 5-6 miles of walking ! Sometimes I'll take a NIA dance class instead.We also must never compare our bodies to someone else's,that is so prevalent these days.I weight between 122 and 125 at 5'8",I don't have a scale,but I feel great,I was underweight for years,never having a balanced diet.
    In short,love yourself,love your body,and treat it with respect,love,patience and positivity.You'll see the results in no time!