Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What healthy foods do you enjoy cooking in the great outdoors?

In our July/August story “Health on the Grill,” we learned that many vegetables take beautifully to grilling, one of your three main outdoor cookery options (the others: smoking and Dutch oven cooking).

Now it’s your turn. What healthy foods do you cook outdoors and how? We want to know!


  1. My sister, mother, and I are vegetarians, so many people think we can't have barbecues or cook outdoors. Infact, we enjoy grilling Morning Star burgers (Grillers Prime are the best), corn on the cob, and vegetable cabobs. No meat, less fat, but the same amount of flavor!

  2. My favorite grilled food is romaine lettuce: I brush with olive oil, grill it to blackened, then sprinkle with bleu cheese and slivered almonds.

  3. My favorite grilled vegetables are corn on the cob and onions. acptuser at hotmail dot com